“And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness [2.John 5:19].K.J.V.

The last Pope’s butler Paolo Gabriele should get an award for blowing the whistle on the Pope’s wicked life. All Protestant Reformers identified the pope as the very Anti-Christ the Bible speaks of in Daniel 7, Revelation 17 and 2.Thessalonians 2. pope Ratzinger pleaded with the Italian President to give him immunity from prosecution.

The last Pope should be locked up for corruption and not his butler for being so honest and revealing the Anti-Christ to the world again. The Bible describes him as seated in the church claiming to be god. By his triple crown [The Tiara], it is claimed that the pope is god of heaven [top crown] of earth [middle crown] and the lower region or hell [lower crown]. Not only does he claim to be god, but he even uses the very name of our heavenly Father, namely ” Holy Father.”

For 400 years Protestantism had united pointed to the Mother Church of Revelation 17 and other Scriptures identifying the Anti-Christ! Q.: Why the change today? The change is not found in the Mother, but in her many Daughters! Pope Ratzinger pointed out that the church of Rome is not a sister church but the mother, which is just as Revelation ch.17 says it.
Ecumenicals have achieved a closing down of the Bible as the Word of GOD. Fallen Angels belong to Satan who deceived 1/3 of all the angelic host, as well as Eve in Eden. Fallen Babylon in Revelation points to the fallen churches of Christendom.

The Roman Catholic Jesuit priests have deceived Protestantism in believing that the Persian king Antiochus Epiphanes is the anti-christ to divert attention to the Papacy. Antiochus was not Greek. He was Persian from the Seleucid dynasty. The Jesuit redirected also to the far past, namely Nero and also to the far future to a supposed dictator to come and so deluded fallen Protestants. On top of that, they have now fallen for “Spiritualism” since the Devil has transformed himself as an angel of light.