If you are a Methodist, your religion was founded in 1774 by John Wesley, a famous Protestant Reformer.
Orthodox Christianity comprising four Patriarchates including Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, the Greek, and Russian, claim to be the original apostolic New Testament Christianity.

So does the Church of Rome, which broke away from the Eastern Orthodox Christianity in 1054 A.D. when the pope started to insist on being infallible, which is the prerogative of GOD alone and means you can never err or do wrong, sin. Despite the claim, the Roman Catholic Church is not the oldest but keeps on changing.

The Lutheran religion started with Dr. Martin Luther in the year 1507 A.D. who had no intention to start a new religion, but being expelled by a papal bull forced him to do so after refusing to recant his writings.

If you are a Presbyterian, your religion started in 1560 A.D. by John Knox in Scotland. If you are from the Dutch Reformed Church, Michelis Jones founded it in 1628 A.D.

The State church of England was founded by King Henry VIII in the year 1534 A.D. and is still controlled by royalty today. The Episcopalians broke away and is now the American equivalent of the Church of England.

And if you are a Baptist, you owe your tenets of belief to John Smyth, who launched his church in Amsterdam in 1606 A.D. majoring on baptism by immersion. Ana-Baptists, or re-baptizers were so called because of the State-churches ordered the sprinkling of babies, falsely called baptism. [Note; the word ‘baptism’ comes from the Greek ‘baptizo’, meaning to immerse or plunge under, see also Romans chapter six, sprinkling is therefore not baptism].

If you are a Seventh-Day Baptist, your religion broke away from the main body in the 17th Century when the Sabbath of the fourth commandment was discovered to belong to JESUS CHRIST, the Lord of the Sabbath.

ADVENTIST. So you are a Seventh-day Adventist, your church grew out of the great Advent Movement of the early 1800’s. The name expresses two of the main features such as worshipping on the seventh day Sabbath and awaiting the advent or return of JESUS CHRIST in great power and glory. Organized in 1863 as a conference with the founding pioneers such as Joseph Bates [sea-captain], Hiram Edson, Ellen G. Harmon who later married James White [Editor], Uriah Smith [Christian Author] known for his massive volume on Daniel and the Revelation. Their main contribution to Christianity is Eschatology, the study of last day events gleaned from Daniel and the Revelation. Adam and Eve were the first Sabbath-keepers [Genesis 2:1-3] and looking for the Advent of JESUS, were the first Seventh-day Adventists.

Dwindling church attendances in some parts of the world forced some churches to unite such as the Methodists, Lutherans, Roman Catholics and others.

UNITARIANS. Unitarian Christianity rejects the deity of JESUS and is essentially Arian, albeit divine. They reject the doctrine of the trinity and deny that JESUS is GOD. Their formal beginnings can be traced back to Laelius Socinus [1525-1562]. They were especially strong in Transylvania, now Romania. Unitarians do not believe in a creed.

QUAKERS. Also known as the Society of Friends. George Fox started it around 1650 A.D. England. Coming to America they were sometimes imprisoned and whipped by Congregationalists until Quaker William Penn’s Pennsylvania who was always tolerant of other religion. Without creed or doctrine, Quakers are known for much meditation. There name originated when a court judge asked for a demonstration of their so called speaking in tongues. The judge concluded that it sounded like the quaking of frogs. Even though the Quakers have given up tongues, they retained the name Quakers. In Revelation 16:13 foretold of a trinity that would have unclean spirits like frogs coming out of their mouths. Question, how do frogs catch their prey? Answer, with their tongue. So this is a clear prophecy of a threefold union of people that speak in tongues. The daughters of the Mother-church have just returned home. Roman Catholicism, fallen Protestantism and Spiritualism combined producing miracles with occultic powers to usher in the New World Order and deceiving all nations.

THE SALVATION ARMY. Founded in 1877 A.D. by William Booth in the East End of London. They are known best for their charitable works in many countries. Usually recipient of hefty government funding. Their publication is the ‘war cry’ and according to their name, have army titles of officers.

NEW APOSTOLIC. Founded by Edward Irving in the early 1830’s. Also known as the Irvingate movement. It was part of the great Advent Awakening until they sought the gifts of the spirit went into spiritualism. Miss Margaret McDonald received the vision of the twofold return of CHRIST known today as the theory of the secret rapture. They had set the dates for our LORD’s return to 1838 and 1855. In 1863, the Germans split from the English to become the third largest Denomination.

BRETHREN. Also known as Exclusive or Plymouth Brethren. Principle Founder John Nelson Darby [1800-1882] borrowed the Roman Catholic doctrine of ‘Futurism’ from the Jesuit priesthood and invented the so-called “Dispensational” doctrine claiming that GOD was a stern judge in the Old Testament, while He is more of a Santa in the New doing away with laws and bringing only gifts. Originating also from the Great Advent Awakening, they believe in the soon return of Jesus. Darby’s doctrines were soon incorporated into the Scofield Reference Bible as footnotes and exported from England to America used in most Colleges and Seminaries as textbooks. This is why Darbyism resembles so closely to the teachings of Roman Catholicism today in its interpretations and understanding of the last day’s events. It is in direct opposition to the Eschatology taught by Seventh-day Adventism.
In the recent Australian federal elections, it became clear that this movement gave financial assistance to the John Howard Government and the Liberal party, despite the claim that they are keeping themselves exclusive and from the corruptions of the world and politics.

CHRISTADELPHIAN. Founded by John Thomas in 1848, a Puritan group similar to Congregational and the Baptists, but with no fixed creed. They, like most groups, claim, that they are closest to the New Testament Christianity.

MORMON. The Church of Latter Day Saints founded by prophet Joseph Smith [1805-1844] in 1830 New York. In the vision, the angel Moroni told him where the golden plates are buried in 1823 but were not allowed to dig them up until 1827 and translating them from Egyptian into English. It became the book of Mormons containing the story of the 12 lost tribes of Israel. Check it out HERE. Smith was also a masonry which explains the secret Temple rites. The book of Mormon presents more substantial problems. Scholars of the Middle East have never heard of ‘Reformed Egyptian Hieroglyphics’.
In 1829 John the Baptist supposed to have appeared to Smith and Cowdery and conferred the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood on them.
Like the Moslems, some Mormons are allowed Bigamy, i.e. several wives. The latter claiming to pattern after the New Testament. They also teach that God has many wives. This is all contrary to what the Bible, GOD’s word teaches. Tobacco, alcohol and other drugs are banned for members, as is tea, coffee, and cola drinks because of the stimulants and addictive effects they contain.

NEO PENTECOSTAL. The newest arrivals are the Neo or new claiming to have the gifts of the spirit, but using the static utterances found in many non-Christian religions of the world including Witch Doctors. This unmeaning gibberish and strange mutterings are supposed to be the gift of the Holy Spirit and the speaking in tongues. It is not possible that Tongue-Speaking could be a necessary part of Christian Life because Paul plainly states that not all speak in tongues [1.Corinthians 14:29-20].
It was reported that in 1901 the first person broke out in tongues, but it was not until the 1960’s when Faith-Healer Oral Roberts infiltrated all Christian Denominations via the back door. Drought-stricken Christianity mainlines Churches are now claiming that GOD is now marvelously working for them when in reality it is another spirit. That of fallen Babylon.

Christian Sience Founder Mary Baker Eddy learned from her second husband Phineas P. Quimby mesmerism (hypnosis) and faith healing. Quimby healed her of crippling spinal disease. Quimby ascribed his healing powers to correct thinking rather than to God. Today this sect wants to distance themselves from the name Quimby. Her church was founded in 1879 and organized in 1894.

Jehovah’s Witnesses take their name from Isaiah 43;10-12 and the founder was Charles Taze Russell. Charles as a youngster found it difficult to believe that a loving God would condemn countless millions to an everlasting hell to bake them forever. He came to the conclusion that hell refers simply to the grave which also means Gehenna, Hades, and Sheol. Their publication the Watchtower was known frequently date setting for Christ’s return. They do not believe in blood transfusion. When Russell died in 1916 the movement was taken over by Joseph Franklin ‘judge’ Rutherford.

Opus Dei was founded in 1928 by a Spanish priest Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer y Albas who took the first step to become a saint. He was beatified in 1992. The Roman Catholic church likes to be known as the apostolic succession but has no proof of such claim. Most of her doctrines are contrary to the Bible hence she used to burn them publically whilst in power. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) order of priests was founded in 1534 by Loyola of Spain. The societies oath is not very Christ-like. It includes bestial murder. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit head of the church.

Ellen’s personal testimony
“Most of you know Walt and me. You know that we have had some serious problems in our marriage this last year. I want to tell you why and to warn you to avoid the pit I fall into.
“I was abused by my father when I was a teenager. As a result, I felt dirty and worthless for much of my life. Walt and I were not believers when we got married, and we both drank a lot and got caught up in the drug scene. Then Pastor Cliff introduced us to Jesus., and our lives were changed overnight. Some of you remember the change.

Then last year, my sister called me and said she had found the solution to our wounded hearts in a seminar being run by a psychologist. I remember telling her, I’ve accepted Jesus as my Saviour. He has washed me white as snow”.

carol’s response was, you’re repressing your memories, Ellen. Hidden underneath the cheerful veneer is a heartbroken little girl crying for comfort. You owe it to her to go back into the past with a psychologist so you can deal with the unresolved issues of what Dad did to us.

I said to her, ‘But Carol, I’ve forgiven Dad. He didn’t know the Lord. I still love him in spite what he did to us. I want him to know Jesus too.

Carol said, ‘you are just not in touch with your true feelings, Ellen. You’ve got to learn to hate Dad and make him pay for what he did before you can really forgive him.
I have never heard Carol sound so bitter. But I promised I would read the book on the wounded heart, so I bought it at the Christian book store. As I read it, i began to sense an uneasiness growing in my heart. My old anger and hurts returned, only worse than before. It began to affect my feelings toward Walt, and I withdrew from him. I went out to attend a seminar on sexual abuse with my sister, and came back convinced that only a psychologist could really understand my problems and how to deal with them.

“My anger and bitterness continued to grow until I couldn’t separate my anger at my father from my bitterness towards Walt. Soon I forgot all about the person who actually abused me and directed all my venom at my husband.”.

“I began regular therapy with a psychologist at$90 an hour, and it was causing us deep financial stress. On top of that, I spent hours on the phone with my sister. If Walt dared to complain about the expense, i just got even more angry. He couldn’t win. I was angry if he tried to talk to me about my attitudes, and angry if he kept quiet.
I began to realize that I wasn’t getting better, but now my pride kicked in. I was too embarrassed to admit that therapy was only making matters worse. Walt kept begging me to go to a biblical councelor with him, and I finally agreed.

“I still had enough faith in God to believe that the Scriptures are true, so when the councelor began sharing verses with me, I found that my heart responded. I began to remember what it was like when i first accepted Christ-how free and clean, i felt. I remember the joy Walt and I had shared, and I wanted that again………..

“The councelor had me read 2.Peter chapter one out loud. I understood the deception I had bought into. It was almost like Saul’s experience in the Bible. it seemed like scales fell from my spiritual eyes, and I could see the love of God clearly again. Hallelujah!”

The testimony of Jim Hohnberger
Q.: When you first recognized that something was wrong in your spiritual life, what was it that led you to decide that simplifying your life was the answer?

Jim: “I wasn’t raised in the faith that I am presently in. After we had come into the remnant church of God, we became very active in sharing the truths that brought us into the church. But I began to find out that a lot of my Christian experience was outward — church attendance, giving Bible studies, etc. I became the head elder at the church. I was preaching and had been involved a little over three years. Well, I came home one night and Sally and I got into a real bad fight. My 3-year-old and my 5-year-old were screaming. They didn’t know what was going on, they were too young to understand. Sally went for a walk on our 40 acres and when she came back I just said to her, “Honey, what’s going on?”

Later, I called my office. (I owned an insurance agency then.) I told my office staff that I was leaving for 10 days for some time out. Sally and I pulled our travel trailer up to Imp Lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan by Watersmead, and spent 10 days re-evaluating our lives.

When we courted each other we were madly in love. I mean we had a beautiful romance. But once we got married we just jumped on the merry-go-round that’s in this society, this giant treadmill. We thought to be happy we had to have the bigger home — We went through three homes. We were now in a 3,000 square foot, all cedar log home on 40 park-like acres with a little lake. Had all the fine vehicles; was making a great income. I was head elder of the church, very active in the community, but we had grown apart. There was an eroding process that actually separated us and the only thing we didn’t have now was each other. We had all the trappings of what “they” said was success, but we were failing.

So as we re-evaluated ourselves over those ten days, we began to look at others in my career. We looked at others in the church, not from a critical standpoint, not pointing fingers, but seeing what we could learn from them and we didn’t like what we saw. We determined that success was not in the direction that we were going. We had to regain our time (the only thing we didn’t have now was time), and apply it to really finding a walk with God, not just truth and not just the church. And then making our marriage a priority and our children a priority. And so we knew we had to get off this fast pace, this treadmill that we’re on in the United States. Of course, Europe is on it, Australia, Canada and England too — it’s not just the United States.

The whole controversy that God has with His people is that they are in charge of their lives. That’s the whole issue with humanity.
When Lucifer wanted to be in charge, that was the sin problem. The method is simple: Jim Hohnberger must learn how to surrender the control of himself in the present, and then maintain that surrender through the influence of the Spirit in his conscience, allowing God to be in control throughout the day. That is the Christian life in a nutshell.

Something Better.

God can truly make a difference in someoneï¿¿s life. He offers ï¿¿Something Betterï¿¿ for those who accept him. Let me share with you what he did for me.

I was in the Rock Music Industry, Masquerading as someone special. I say Masquerading because if those in the industry were honest, especially with themselves, they would admit to a deep loneliness and a need for ï¿¿Something Betterï¿¿ in their lives, well that was me. Although I enjoyed a reasonable amount of low level success as a musso, I was empty. Most in that scene do drugs, I was no exception, few were the waking moments when I was straight.

Looking for that ï¿¿Something Betterï¿¿, some normality in my life, almost consumed my thinking, I wanted out. Hatred built in me against the whole thing, against the venues and managers where we performed, against other musicians, against my self and anybody who came near me and fights became common. Now when I look back, I can plainly see that the anger and frustration was because I had two powers trying to work in my life. Gods Holy Spirit was calling me out trying to tell me, thereï¿¿s ï¿¿Something Betterï¿¿, and Satan wasnï¿¿t happy. Confusion dominated me because God was calling me up, while Satan tried so hard to keep me down where he had me.

The void in my life started to be filled when I met a young lady who was different from the rest, she had happiness, direction, and purpose. It was this lady that led me into Christianity, she showed me that God does love and care for me. This young lady also showed me that she loved and cared for me and our marriage soon followed. Twenty years on and the love is still there between her and me, and us and God, only the love now is much stronger.

When I first left the music industry I still had a lot of baggage, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. These things had been a part of me so long, that escaping them, I thought, would be near impossible, but prayer changes things. Personal prayer and prayer from others on my behalf, soon gained me the victory. Friends prayed the same prayer that I was praying, that God would take all desire for these things away. Amazingly God answered those prayers, I have never in twenty years had the slightest craving for any of those addictive substances. God can truly make a difference in your life, he offers ï¿¿Something Betterï¿¿.

A promise of Gods, found in the bible has always meant so much to me, ( Math 11:28 ) says ï¿¿come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you restï¿¿ what a promise !! I certainly was heavy laden, and the rest and peace God gave me really is sweet.

Dear reader, I donï¿¿t know what your circumstances are, Iï¿¿ve no idea what has happened in your life. You may be a murderer or a rapist, you may think that God wonï¿¿t help you because youï¿¿ve been too bad. The good news is that it is impossible to be too bad for God, he loves us all and is willing to help any who will ask. Jesus himself said it in ( John 6:37) ï¿¿The one who comes to me I will by no means cast outï¿¿. Friend, his heart is open and so are his arms. Do you have a deep desire for ï¿¿Something Betterï¿¿? Why not give God a try, it works !! and thatï¿¿s not just my experience, but the experience of countless others in my church also. Let me say it once more, God can truly make a difference in your life.

May God bless you as you consider what you have just read. Mark Gale, SDA Church Esk, Australia


This is the story of my journey from atheism, through agnosticism to becoming a Christian, someone with a personal trust in Jesus Christ. Now I face death with total confidence!

Can you?

I took this step in June 1987. Before then I thought the following:

There is no God.
Life on earth evolved.
Jesus was a myth.
The Bible was so old it could not possibly be accurate. History is unrepeatable so why should I believe it?
Of all the religions in the world, why should the Christian faith be the only “right” one?
Visions of heaven and hell experienced by some people close to death were biochemical changes in the brain. I had no doubt these stories were useful for controlling people! But what if these places really do exist, regardless of whether or not you believe in them?
Can you identify with any of this?

Even as a young child, I had no beliefs at all. It was as a teenager that I began to think that there might be a God. I attended School Chapel and went through with the church ritual in the vague hope that if there were ” something in it” I would be all right. I assumed that making a commitment to Christ meant accepting that he was a man with a beard, living in Israel, claiming to be the Son of God. But I had great difficulty in believing in the existence of either and found myself unable to accept anything in the Bible.

Then, in 1987 I had a strange experience! It started in February when I began to feel like I was suffocating from the inside. However, there was no clinical explanation for it.

One Friday evening at the end of April that year, I met with three Christian friends to pray (speak to God). Because Christians prayed I thought I could be a Christian by praying! That is rather like being in a garage and pretending to be a car!

Then the young woman in the group began to say things about which only I knew. She said: “You did not choose me, I chose you ï¿¿Salvation* comes by faith not worksï¿¿ The only thing you will ever have to boast about is that it is I and I alone who have saved youï¿¿” I was overwhelmed. I gasped: ” Itï¿¿s true!” I concluded that there is a God and he knows exactly what I think! To him we are totally transparent and that is how he is able to know everything about each of us, including whether or not we have a relationship with him.

(* The Christian view of Salvation is the attainment of Eternal Life in the joy of heaven. It has to be secured before death. No one knows or wants to know when that will occur).

Then it happened! There was a violent rushing wind from above. It seemed to occupy all the space in the room and penetrated both my eardrums but no damage was done. My whole body was filled with this powerful but gentle wind. The suffocating stopped and I could breathe properly again. There was no wind outside. The doors and windows were closed. There was no draught within. It was like a scene out of Pentecost! Please see Acts Chapter 2 verse 2 in the Bible: ” Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.”

It took a several weeks for me to get my head around what had happened and why. I had often wanted to know whether or not the stories in the Bible were true. This is particularly so of the ones about Jesus rising from the dead and making the claim:

” I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he diesï¿¿.” (John 11v25 in the Bible). Also, ” I am the way, the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father except through meï¿¿” (John 14v6).

Although I did not exactly meet with this so-called ” man with a beard”, I did have an encounter with who Christians call the Holy Spirit. Christians believe that God exists in three “persons”. Water is available to us in the form of ice, steam and the water we drink. In a similar way Christians believe that God exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God the Father made the world and sent His Son Jesus, fully God and fully man, to die on the Cross for the sins of all Christians. Who made God is difficult to answer but someone once stated: “If God needed to be made, he wouldnï¿¿t be God!” The Holy Spirit is to us now what Jesus himself was in the flesh. He moves different people in different ways.

Pentecost only happened because Jesus lived, died and rose again. I thought. I prayed. I read into the evidence supporting the Christian faith. Since then much more has come to light. Such literature may be found in Christian bookshops. Even if you do not believe me or if you have another problem believing in what the Bible teaches, please seek this material out and read it. It is important.

My experience convinced me of the truth of Jesus Christ: his life, miracles, teachings, death and resurrection. Belief in his being raised from the dead is essential to have a relationship with the one who gives Eternal Life. ” That if you confess with your mouth that ï¿¿Jesus is Lordï¿¿ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved.”(Romans 10v9)

The same applies to his visible removal from earth and, one day, his public and personal return when he will place all people into one of two categories. These are those who are going to heaven, a place of everlasting peace and beauty, and those who are going to hell, a place of everlasting agony and punishment.

Of course, each person who has died by that time will have been placed in either heaven or hell.

In the light of this, do you think you can sit on the fence?

” Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for Godï¿¿s wrath remains on him.”(John 3v36)

In June 1987, I made a conscious decision to turn away from being wrong before God. I made a commitment to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. He died for me personally.

Christians claim that this choice and belief are essential for Salvation, and the only way to escape Godï¿¿s wrath. That is the Good News of Jesus Christ, also known as the Gospel. ” For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.”(John 3v16)

But why should anyone suffer this terrible fate? ” There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of Godï¿¿” (Romans 3v22&23 in the Bible). Are you perfect? Can you say to a holy and righteous God that you are as sinless as he is?

Since most of us are capable of making decisions, we will be accountable to God in this light.

If you feel that you are ready to receive this wonderful gift of Eternal Life would you like to make a personal commitment to repent of sin and to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ?

Lord Jesus Christ, I am truly sorry for all of the wrong things I have said, thought and done in my life. I ask that you forgive me. I believe that you took all my sin on you when you died on the cross for me- personally. You rose again to give me Eternal Life with you. Please come into my life as my Saviour, Lord, and Friend. Thank you. Amen.

Then, if you are not already in one, please join a church where the Bible is taught and honoured and arrange to be baptised by having your body immersed in water.

” You must repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins: and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 2v38)

You then need to walk with God by worshipping him and obeying his teaching. Also, you should tell others about what you have done and why, at your discretion.

If you feel you cannot follow these suggestions, then take these claims seriously. Ask God to reveal himself and his truth to you.

You are welcome to share this information with anybody by absolutely any means.

Thank you for reading this. May God bless you and bring you closer to him.

Name and address withheld

from Deborah Khalil.

I can not wait to let you know about this great
testimony and the confirmation that our Lord JESUS
is alive. It begins as a tragedy but ends as an
incredible miracle.

Victor received this by email a few days ago
(20/05/04), and talked with family in Egypt to
confirm the details that were given there on the

A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife and buried her
with their infant baby and 8-year old daughter. The
girls were buried alive! He reported to the police
that an uncle killed the kids.

15 days later, another family member died. When they
went to bury him, they found the 2 girls under the
sand – alive! The girl was asked how she had

“A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding
wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us. He
woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister.”

She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by a
veiled Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public
TV, “This was none other but Jesus, because nobody
else does things like this!”

Muslims believe Isa would do this; but the wounds
mean He really was crucified, and it’s clear also
that He is alive! The country is outraged over the
incident, and the man will be executed. But it’s
also clear that the child could not make up a story
like this, and there is no way these children could
have survived without a true miracle.

Muslim leaders are going to have a hard time to
figure out what to do with this, and the popularity
of the Passion movie doesn’t help matters either!
With Egypt at the center of the media and education
in the Middle East, you can be sure that this story
will spread. Christ is still turning the world
upside down!

Please let this story be shared too.

This is the God we serve

May God bless you and guide you always

Do not give up…It is not over yet until it is
Cast your burdens upon JESUS because HE cares for
Look up to JESUS…..HE is the AUTHOR and the

Can you answer this?

On the 24th day of October, 1895, a great mass meeting of ministers of all denominations was called to meet in the Methodist Episcopal church in Baltimore County, Maryland, U.S.A. The purpose of this meeting was to endeavour to call a halt in the matter of Sunday law violations.

Among the invitations to attend this mass meeting, one was extended to a Roman Catholic priest, Father M. O’Keefe, pastor of a Roman Catholic church at Towson, Maryland. But the Roman Catholic priest declined the invitation and refused to attend the mass meeting on the basis that the so-called Protestant clergyman were en- deavouring to bring about a more strict observance of Sunday in the name of religion. The priest took vigorous exception to the claims made for Sunday, as set forth by Protestant ministers, from which we make the following very interesting quotation:-

“Reverend Sirs, let me admonish you that no Protestant true to the principles of his religion and conscientiously obedient to his teacher, the Bible, need ever have misgivings as regards the freedom of Sunday; nay, more, his teacher is consistent in impressing on him in every page of the New Testament as well as of the Old, that God has appointed the Sabbath, or Saturday, as the day set apart by Him for His worship.

“Our Saviour, while on earth, kept no other day; and we learn that for over thirty years after His death, the Acts of the Apostles record the fact that the apostles consistently kept their divine Master’s Sabbath (the Sabbath which the Jews have kept ever since for over eighteen centuries, they having the same teacher, the Bible, as you have) according to the practice and teachings of Christ and His apostles, without modification, as testified by the New Testament from Matthew’s gospel to the Revelation. This statement is absolutely true and unsusceptible of successful contradiction.

“Imagine then, my surprise on reading the city papers yesterday of the anomalous and self-stultifying position occupied by you, as accredited ministers of the Christian religion, laying snares and traps to inveigle the unwary that you might drag them before the civil courts for violation of a purely civil law, forbidding the sale of liquor on the first day of the week. On what grounds, may I ask, can you justify such proceedings? How were these people interfering with you in the practice of your religious acts? Place your finger on any page of your acknowledged divine teacher, the Bible, and show the world the proof that, on your own principles, they had violated any ordinance of the Christian religion. I hereby denounce your conduct in this matter as not only highly reprehensible, but as being in direct violation of the revealed will of God as taught by your Bible.

“You had succeeded in getting a verdict against them before the civil courts for transgression against the civil law. I now, in the presence of the public, pronounce you, on your principles, guilty of the grossest misdemeanor, thousands of times over, against the divine law. “When, let me ask you, have you even once, in your lifetime, kept the commandment of God: ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy’? Which day is the Sabbath? I answer: ‘The last day of the week, the day kept by God Himself, and for that reason assigned by Him for observance by man, the Sabbath, or the day kept by the Redeemer and His apostles whilst they lived on earth.’

“You pose before the world as models of Christian morality, and behold, every week of your lives you are guilty of gross violation of one of God’s most positive precepts, “Remember the Sabbath”, etc. Let me illustrate in order to prove God’s earnestness in this respect: ‘And it came to pass when the children of Israel were in the wilderness, and had found a man gathering sticks on the Sabbath day; and they brought him to Moses and Aaron, and the whole multitude. And they put him into prison, not knowing what they should do with him, and the Lord said to Moses: ‘Let that man die, let all the multitude stone him without the camp. And when they had brought him out, they stoned him and he died as the Lord commanded.’ Num. 15:32-36

“Such, Reverend Sirs, was the punishment meted out by the command of God to a man who was guilty by once of an infraction of the law of the Sabbath, whilst each one of you is guilty of a similar desecration of the Sabbath (Saturday) each Saturday of his life — and this on the unerring testimony of your own teacher, the Bible. ‘Out of thy mouth I judge thee, thou wicked servant.’

“Nor have God’s counsels changed by the exercise of infinite patience. He can afford to bide His time for the vindication of His authority and contempt of His commands. The precept, ‘Remember the Lord’s day to keep it holy’, is as obligatory now as it was in the old law, as in the instance above quoted. Can you offer the slightest pretext or palliation for your abandonment of your teacher, the Bible, which enjoins absolutely the keeping of that day, kept by God Himself first, after the creation? You pursued the violation of the civil law unrelentingly and did not cease, until you secured a conviction. How, may I ask, will you fare when cited before the divine tribunal, and compelled to answer from the pages of the Divine Record, which you boast of as your guide, and the truth is, you have never once obeyed the Sabbath precept, and that you stand today before heaven and earth as the most unmitigated Sabbath-breakers on earth? Do I exaggerate in the slightest degree the unscrupulous antagonism to the law of the Sabbath evinced by you, every week of your lives? Not in the least……. I have already designated you, among the champion Sabbath-breakers on earth, as God’s Word, your guide, proves you to be.”

source —A tract by Evangelist George Burnside