The Blessed Mother Mary

We should ask JESUS Himself, Pope and the virgin Mary

Who is your Mother dear JESUS?
Answer: “Who is My Mother?………..Behold My Mother and My brethren. For whosoever shall do the will of My Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother and sister and mother.” [Matthew 12:48].

JESUS is not denying that Mary is His Mother, He just knew that a religious movement would soon follow Him that would try and worship her as the “Queen of heaven” just as the apostate Jews had done in the Old Testament time. Whenever we show the above Bible verses to Roman Catholics, some say to us, He is blaspheming, isn’t He, i.e. they are calling GOD a blasphemer in order to protect the idolatry of the mother of GOD. Such is the power of darkness.

Now that Roman Catholics are allowed to read the Bible for themselves, they should put on the armour, take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Holy Spirit, which is the Word of GOD. [Eph.6:13,17].

What then are the many apparitions of Mary seen all over the world lately? The Bible teaching on the departed dead are very clear! “Only GOD has immortality” [1.Tim.6:16] and again the Bible says: “At the last trumpet…….we shall be changed…and the mortal put on immortality.” [1.Cor.15:52,53].

In the old Testament we have an example, how king Saul was backsliding from following GOD’S directions, and he went to see the witch of Andor to find out what would happen to him. Satan then produced a perfect counterfeit of the prophet Elijah in the exact form voice and all to deceive poor old Saul. It is our lesson for today!!!

“FOR THE LIVING KNOW THAT THEY SHALL DIE: BUT THE DEAD KNOW NOT ANYTHING”. [Eccl.9:5]. Unless we are willingly ignorant, we should take the advice GOD gives us in His holy Word to protect us from this deceptions.

The Devil’s original lie is found in Genesis where he told Eve that she would not really die, and so we see this same with Mary, she is dead and in the grave awaiting the resurrection like the rest of us. She is our sister in the faith.

Who than is Mother Mary? Obviously, from the Bible verses quoted above, one can see that it is none other than the deceptive power of demons who have transformed themselves into angels of light [2.Cor.11:13] and deceive if possible the very elect of GOD [Matthew 24:24]. Therefore we know that when the Pope says that he speaks to the virgin every night, we know where he gets his instructions from and why he is called the Anti-Christ.

There are newspaper advertisements from time to time, that claim that prayers to the virgin Mary never fail. Of course they don’t, the Devil will personally see to it, and he uses these to make Mary even more popular and deceive more ignorant people. We should only trust the light from heaven sent us in the Bible.

She was only blessed as an incubator and should not be adored as the Queen of heaven, because she is not [Matthew 12:48]. We must only pray to GOD directly. Saints are dead and not alive. If they answer your prayers, we can guarantee you that the answers are not come from GOD or the dead, but Satan and all his fallen angels.

The second of the Ten Commandments forbids us to make any imagination of heaven above or beneath the earth, such as hell, limbo or purgatory: “THOU SHALT NOT MAKE UNTO THEE ANY GRAVEN IMAGE, OR ANY LIKENESS IN HEAVEN ABOVE, OR IN THE EARTH BENEATH.” [Exodus 20:4]. Therefore the dead do not go to heaven or hell or anywhere else, they await the resurrection The spirit of spiritualism is out to deceive! But GOD’S holy Word protects us!

It is not hard to prove that the Madonna from Ancient Babylon is now the Madonna of Rome, modern Babylon of the Apocalypse. Also, the Babylonian King made a statue and image of himself and forced the whole world to worship him so with transgressing the second command of GOD.
The Papal See removed the second out of the Ten Commandments in order to idolize Mother Mary and the dead Saints plus other statues and other images. To elevate Mary to the Godhead means we would have not a trinity but a quartet.

The example of JESUS showed that when He died for us on the cross, He stayed in the tomb and went nowhere! After the resurrection when one of the Mary’s tried to touch Him, Jesus said: “TOUCH ME NOT; FOR I AM NOT ASCENDED TO MY FATHER.” [Jn.20:17].
As JESUS is our model and example in all things, the theory of the soul flying off either to hell or heaven is also false.

“OUR FRIEND LAZARUS SLEEPETH; BUT I GO, THAT I MAY AWAKE HIM OUT OF SLEEP. THEN SAID JESUS PLAINLY, LAZARUS IS DEAD.” [Jn.11:11,14]. JESUS compared death to sleep, because in sound sleep there is no consciousness, no awareness, of what is going on. The very next minute we are awoken up by the resurrection. JESUS was glad He wasn’t there, because no one can die in the presence of the Lifegiver! There would be no need for JESUS to return or the resurrection if the people were already in heaven or hell. The apparitions of Mary must be seen in this light.

How complete is the destruction of the wicked? “THE SOUL THAT SINS, SHALL DIE” “FOR BEHOLD, THE DAY COMES, THAT SHALL BURN AS AN OVEN……..IT SHALL NEITHER LEAVE THEM ROOT NOR BRANCH.” [Ez.18:20; Malachi 4:1].

The Marian Movement accredits Mary with being Co-Redemptive with JESUS CHRIST! This is not only heresy but blasphemy. No human being can die in our place. Only the crucifixion can be our redemption and only CHRIST our Redeemer! JESUS says that when He returns, His reward will be with Him [Revelation 22:12]. How could possibly this be true if the reward was already given at death?

Note: Necromancy, talking to the dead, is an abomination and heresy, a black art. Romanists would point the Sinner to Mary-Penances-indulgences-and absolutions, which are an abomination with GOD. The saying that all roads lead to Rome is untrue.

JESUS is the only way, the truth and the life; and men can only be justified through the imputation of CHRIST’S righteousness alone. Man is justified freely by GOD’S grace through faith, and not by works lest any man should boast. Salvation is the free gift of GOD [Eph.2:8-10].

Many have felt their hopeless condition, and have asked in perplexity, “How shall we gain admission to the world to come? Earth lies under the curse, and is doomed to destruction; how shall we be able to enter the city of GOD?” We would point you to CHRIST, the way, the truth, the life-the mystic ladder between heaven and earth.

We must consider as sincere those who preach the cross of Christ even
though it is apart from the message for the end-time. While we must not
condemn anyone who preaches the cross, it is imperative that we
remember this: anyone believing the false doctrine of the immortality
of the soul cannot truly preach Christ and Him crucified. This is an
impossibility. That doctrine denies the cross of Christ, because if the
human soul is naturally immortal it would have been impossible for
Christ to die. The Spirit of God testified, through Isaiah, that Christ
died not only physically, but that His “soul” was made “an offering for
sin” (Isa. 53:11).

Rome’s emphasis on the redemptive and intercessory powers of Mary!
In each of the following verses either spoken by our Lord JESUS or else refer to Him, and in all in which He alone is exalted, the name of Mary has been substituted has developed in inverse proportion to the catholic Apostasy from Bible truth:

“No one cometh unto the Father, but by Mary.” [Jn.14:6]
“Come unto Mary, all ye, and she will give you rest.” [Matth.11:28]. There is no other name under heaven, that is given among men, except Mary’s, wherein we must be saved.” [Acts 4:12].

“There is one Mediator between GOD and men, the woman Mary.” [1.Tim. 2:5].

“Mary ever liveth to make intercession for us.” [Heb. 7:25].

“Wherefore she is able to save to the uttermost.” [Heb.7:25].

“I can do all things through Mary that strengetheth me.” [Phil.4:13].

“This Mary, who was assumed [received up] into heaven.” [Acts 1:11].

The Pope lived and died for Rome’s mystical Mary. Engraved on his coffin was the large letter M for Mary.
For more info on the Apostasy in popular Christinity, see Anti-Christ.