The Jesus Sheep

Willie Brinninger had an impediment in his speech. He stammered and stuttered. It was almost impossible to make out anything he was saying.
But Willie wanted to work for JESUS. He longed to win souls. He saw in one of the church papers an invitation to attend a colporteurs convention, where he could learn to sell Christian literature. The offer was open to all who would come and learn their canvass. Willie wanted to be Jesus sheep and follow him more fully.
They would receive board and accommodations during the convention, without charge.
They were also given their transportation. More than that, the promise was that if they attend the classes faithfully and learned the canvass well, they would be authorized to sell the literature and be given territory to work.

Pastor Dickerson taught the class. But when the class was over, some of the leaders were about to reject Willie. They said,
“He will bring reproach on the work of God.” “It will be an insult to send Willie out to the homes of the people to sell Christian books, with such a glaring impediment in speech,” they thought.

But Pastor Dickerson replied, “We have given him our word. We even published it in the official paper. We must keep our word. He has fulfilled his part. He has memorized his canvass perfectly, as well as we can ascertain.” And so they decided to let Willie go out and try to sell books.

In a short period of time Willie was sending in big reports to the office. The superintendent and others were sure Willie had
made a mistake. “Why,” they said, “evidently Willie does not even know how to make out his report.”

So one of the officers went down to see what was wrong with Willie. They must take action at once if Willie was falsifying
his work.
“You take the first house this morning,” said Willie’s superior as they started out, “and I will take the next. But we will go
together. I am eager to see how you sell so many books.” Willie agreed.

As they neared the first house out on the country road Willie motioned to his companion. He followed Willie to a tree just
beside the road. THERE WILLIE FELL ON HIS KNEES. He mumbled his stammering prayer to God. Tears were trickling down his cheeks. Then they rose, went to the first house, and knocked on the door. The knock was heard by the woman inside. She came to the door, and Willie gave the canvass for his book.

As Willie gave his exhibition he turned the book so the woman could see the pictures and read snatches here and there. No
one knew what Willie was saying. But he went through his entire canvass. Then he pointed out the prices of the various bin-
dings and showed them to the woman. He also pointed to the dates of delivery printed there. As he pulled out his order pad
he showed her where she should place her signature. The customer placed her name on the dotted line.

Willie’s partner canvassed the next house. Then it was Willie’s turn again. Again he beckoned for his companion to follow him
to the side of the country road and under another tree. There once more they knelt in prayer. Willie again implored Heaven
for help and for the Holy Spirit to impress the heart of his customer, although his words could not be understood. They rose and made their way to the door of the next farmhouse. He gave his exhibition and again received an order for his good book. And that is why Willie was turning in such large scale reports to the office.

You may even have some of his books in your library: such as “Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime stories” or “Your Bible and you” etc.

Wonderful Secret

Here then is the wonderful secret of successful service for the Master. Self becomes a nail upon the wall, holding the picture
of Jesus in its place. It is eager to show only the wonder, the grace, the beauty, and its salvation of Jesus Christ. Self is
completely hidden behind the beautiful Jesus. “Those who have had the deepest experience in the things of God……….feel
that the lowest place in His service is too honorable for them.” And why? Because they have learned the lesson the drunkard learned. They come to the place in their experience that Willie did. They have followed the pattern of the BIBLE giants of
faith. They feel their insufficiency. But when a person comes to the place where he/she recognizes that we can do nothing or
little of ourselves, and reach up by faith and take hold of the hand of God, then the resources of the universe are at our command.

Salt of the Earth

Jesus said to His followers, “ye are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13). Of what does salt consist? It is a combination of two poisonous elements-sodium, and chlorine. These two elements represent many a professed Christian. Sodium is wax-like unstable metal. I have seen a little chunk of sodium bubbling furiously on top of a liquid. And that, to me, represents many
so-called Christians. They are so ill-tempered! Self asserts itself if not given recognition. It bubbles furiously. There it was.
I saw it-sodium, boiling vehemently. it was all upset.

Then I sat in the same chemistry class and heard the teacher discuss deadly chlorine! Chlorine “is a greenish, highly poisonous,
liquefiable gas, with an offensive suffocating odor.”—Webster’s Universal Dictionary. The teacher went on to say that a little
poisonous chlorine gas could empty a whole village of its inhabitants if the tank, while passing through the village, should spring a leak. Poisonous chlorine.

But you take these two dangerous elements, sodium and chlorine, put them together, and you get sodium chloride, “the salt of
the earth” “Out of weakness they were made strong”. This is God’s formula.

Testimony of Nature

Let us take a look at nature. See what a selfless thing in the natural world can accomplish by uniting with the power of God.
Take, if you will, a helpless stalk of corn. Corn is only grass. But science tells us that one stalk of corn may lift more than
four hundred pounds of water in one season